Alexandra Kodjabachi
Youth Expatriation & Global Talent Adviser. Lives in London, United Kingdom

Alexandra is the Founder and CEO of PersEd, a learning experience design enterprise, nurturing 21st century skills and mindset transformation for talent development. She’s also is an international public speaker, consultant, and author - recipient of the Alain Decaux Literary Prize for the Francophone world. Alexandra has been recognized as a MENA Leadership Academy fellow (2016-2017), G20 Young Global Changer (2017), Unleash Global Talent (2018) and UNESCO APCEIU Youth Leader (2019). As the Connection Creator, she’s always exploring the breadth and depth of multidisciplinarity, and putting connections at the service of creativity, performance, self-actualization, and foresight to reinvent the ways in which we think, learn, work, and live.

Alexandra's recognitions:

• Kenway Legacy Scholar 2021-22
• G20 Young Global Changer 2017 & 2021
• Union for the Mediterranean Taskforce Member 2019
• UNESCO-APCEIU Youth Leader 2019
• UNLEASH Talent 2018, Evaluator 2019 & Expert 2022
• MENA Leadership Academy Fellow 2016-17

Alexandra worked with 140 local and multinational organisations and leading figures from 45 countries over 70 projects.
She empowered thousands of minds from all over the world through PersEd's ideas.

Alexandra's speeches on 21st century thinking, mindset and resilience reached 10,000+ views, through regional, global, and digital platforms, going from Spain to Malta to Iraq to Korea to STEP Anywhere to literally anywhere.

In 2019, Alexandra had the privilege of being featured alongside Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs in an online course on global citizenship education.
Alexandra is a recipient of the Prix Alain Decaux de la Francophonie and a holder of DanceSport medals and cups.

Currently exploring the realm of Educational Neuroscience at the Institute of Education (UCL) and Birkbeck (University of London), to bring the best of evidence-based insights into the practice of learning, teaching and facilitation.

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