The Sustainable Expatriation startup founds its home in Copenhagen, Denmark as Sustainable Expatriation Foundation - being registered as INGO with a global social impact aims to raise awareness within the UN, the OECD and the ILO to support the situation of expat spouses globally, primarily women, who end up unemployable due to the current unsustainable approach to expatriation which violates the right of women to work in many countries in 2021 according to Permits Foundation. We hope that the new guidelines will help create a much more equitable situation ensuring the rights of expat spouses as an integral part of the work policies of companies employing expatriate staff.

Since the dawn of corporate expatriation, enterprises have accepted the denial of work permits to the spouses of their staff as a norm. There is a complete absence of policies to enable highly educated yet unable to work women to reintegrate back into the workforce after years of living in other countries and sacrificing their careers to the global expansion of corporations.

As women we had had no other choice if we wished to keep our families together than to accept conditions which have forced us into years of dependency, ending up marginalised, isolated from social and professional inclusiveness worldwide, and facing the hardest of challenges in the EU, the UK and the US on repatriation.

Such unaddressed inequalities devastate the economic position of people who have contributed to the globalisation of the companies their spouses work for. The system also leaves present and former expatriates without a pension plan, career development, re-integration support creating long-term continuous stress, which shortens lives.
Our INGO aims to solve this global pain through partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals with B2B2G, the UN entities, global and local investment and venture philanthropy funds, NGOs and human rights influencers sharing our vision of inclusive economy for all.