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What if we make it right?

Grounded in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence and 20 years of personal experience as a serial expat partner plus 16 years of career recreation, Marina has tapped into a unique shared value approach for managing expatriates, former and present.

Together we can create inclusive European economy which leaves no one behind, creating win-win outcomes for people, affected by globalisation, for organisations, and European economy dependent on expat talent attraction and retention.

Inclusive Sustainable Expatriation is a road map for international organisations with the globally rotated employees, multinational corporations.

Join our Foundation as a founding member today and we will help you launch inclusive Sustainable Expatriation process, which leaves no expat partner behind.

Our Foundation has a goal to help organisations to embrace social sustainability:

  • Plan and align with management actionable steps on how your organisation can embrace social sustainability in globalisation
  • Development of SDGs aligned with your organisation -  Agenda 2030
  • Shared value creation for affected people, organisations and societies enabling those who might otherwise live in dependency to become working taxpayers, actively participating in society
  • Inclusive expatriate support through the entire process of expatriation, including repatriation
  • Suggestions on how to implement actions to ensure mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence in expatriation through your global supply chain with the help of our Foundation
  • Help with identifying those expat spouses who are affected and with preparing  a plan of mitigation together with solutions to the problems experienced

Surely the lack of policies to support expat spouses caused major negative consequences that this group suffer for the rest of their lives are a major part of the reason why expatriate mobility is facing a decrease in retention.

According to our conversations with C-level corporate management we found that companies replacing just one key-expatriate face economic losses estimated around 1,5M Euros. Dominantly such economic losses are caused by absence of adequate support to the following partner to pursue career and have lasting and tangible re-integration support people need.

Join us for inclusive multilateral dialogue and let us co-develop together Sustainable Expatriation from the EU to the world.