Marina Malmberg

Marina               Malmberg
Chairman of Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

Marina is the social sustainability of globalisation influencer, the originator of Sustainable Expatriation™ framework. Marina is on a mission to stop and remediate women's legalised dependency, caused by unsustainable national policies of countries, prohibiting the following expat spouses from work, which cause lifetime dependency of women. Marina is B-economy changemaker, a graduate student of Copenhagen Business School who took her PreSeed start-up to European Commission Investment Portal, shortlisted among the best 35 startups by European Business Angel Summit in 2020.

Marina is a former Tetra Pak Russia employee, who legalised and led the foundation of Swedish philanthropists, including Charlotte Bonnier in St. Petersburg, Russia, assisted Peder Wallenberg with the management of his private donation, on-demand helped the First Secretary of Swedish Queen Sylvia charity in St Petersburg and was involved in the organisation of Her Majesty's first welfare visit to St Petersburg together with Swedish Consulate.

When Marina's life partner took on an assignment in Tetra Pak Pakistan, Marina could join him only as a dependent partner with no work permit, despite that time Marina wasn't married.

Marina had no other choice as to surrender her career to love and when repatriating to Southern Sweden found herself struggling to recreate career and fit for 14 years. While in Lahore, Pakistan, Marina volunteered at the Head Office of “SOS Children's Villages” of Pakistan.

Since 2012 Marina has worked in stress management. In 2016 Marina started “Success Boomerang”, a niched consultancy with the aim of helping following expat spouses to overcome intercultural stress and career challenges. Success Boomerang became a registered expat service provider at SIRVA global relocation in the US.

Marina has also worked with expat partners and expats from Apple, IBM, IKEA, Tetra Pak, and European Spallation Source, as well as with diplomatic families and independent immigrants within academic education in Europe, who all face similar challenges.

Marina made several attempts to raise funds in Sweden to create a solution to bring to an end the dependency of expat spouses, yet she was denied all help because expat spouses are considered a privileged sector of the population.

Raising her daughter without a salary or a pension for 14 years as a solopreneur in Sweden, labelled as a privileged person, Marina re-investing all her profit in additional education and extended support for expat spouses, going on to study business responsibilities for human rights, CSR, diversity and inclusion on top of her Master degree.

At Copenhagen Business School Marina tapped into innovation in Human Rights Due Diligence - Sustainable Expatriation, and was invited to give a presentation for the graduate students in Human Resources on corporate expatriation, which provided valuable new insights for her audience. The Sustainable Expatriation startup was founded in February 2020, gained interest in the US. In autumn Sustainable Expatriation became shortlisted startup for European Business Angel Summit and is now registered on European Commission Investment Portal (EIPP) "Inclusive Economy for Marginalized Mothers" - the portal currently has redirection issues.

In the absence of funding despite interest to Marina's social innovation in Sweden, Marina is registering Sustainable Expatriation in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Marina's innovation is warmly received and supported and Marina's completes her Copenhagen Business School last exams.

Marina stands for the inclusive B-economy for all, primary committing to solve the challenge of legalised dependency of expat spouses and mothers with children under 18 who lost their career and employability due to unsustainable national policies of countries, prohibiting the following expat spouses from work, throwing many women into lifelong dependency and absence of social and legal protection in the global transition.

Marina's team builds an inclusive digital global ecosystem for expat integration, support and innovation.

Helping expats of all genders, a primary start-up focus is on fundraising for addressing COVID-19 challenge for affected expat spouses through the entire circle of expatriation and finding resources to build a global expat safety net, social and professional, addressing inequalities of expat spouses, including home violence for stay at home women in global transition, who fall between all existing support systems of the world and leaved with no access to universal human rights globally in 2020.

Sustainable Expatriation team is entirely digital and all work from home in Sweden, Denmark and Germany with support of Trevor Blake, British gentlemen who build his three 100M USD start-ups online from the US and is teaching entrepreneurs his secrets of mentality control and successful start-ups. Trevor's online work helped Marina to transform her struggle of dependency and career re-creation and gave Marina to trust she will succeed with her start-up through COVID-19.

An expat himself, passionate about transforming people's lives from poverty to thriving, Trevor mentor's Marina online from Seattle, considering Marina's start-up a noble cause and commits to helping Marina achieve her start-up success.

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