Jesper Valentin Holm

Jesper Valentin Holm
Co-Chairman of Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

As a visionary business leader and investor with expertise in digitalisation, process automation and innovation Jesper helps Sustainable Expatriation Foundation startup to reach the next level from the heart of Denmark. Together we aspire businesses to change the status quo and tap into the social sustainability of globalisation. Jesper brings his vast expertise in the SaaS business model, digital transformation, business development and enterprise sales, product development, organisational management and internationalisation.

Jesper Valentine Holm is a Partner of Dain Partners, offering his executive expertise to sustainable business development, growth and digitalisation.

Jesper has experience in revitalising companies, capture untapped growth opportunities, as well as forging productive relationships with key partners and clients. He has a track record of increasing growth whilst spearheading operational re-engineering to drive productivity.

Jesper considers himself an engaged observer, respected for his ability to take in not just the details, but see them from their big picture, thoroughly analyse all the factors, create innovative strategies and then provide the tools/foundation on which to execute sustainable business development.

Jesper excels at leveraging technology, data insights and automation in developing better and more efficient workflows, improving on customer and employee satisfaction, as well as facilitating business growth. He has a successful record in steering teams and companies from start-up to scale-up, identifying new markets as well as strategically positioning businesses against big players in the IT industry.

As Agillic’s CEO, Jesper successfully placed an IPO on NASDAQ Copenhagen, made Agillic the pioneer company within Omnichannel Marketing Platforms, consistently outperformed the market and competition as from 2015, by accelerating growth +50% YoY.

We are grateful to welcome Jesper as our First Executive Advisory Board Member!