The team

Jesper Valentin Holm

Co-Chairman of Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

As a visionary business leader and investor with expertise in digitalisation, process automation and innovation Jesper helps Sustainable Expatriation Foundation startup to reach the next level from the heart of Denmark. Together we aspire businesses to change the status quo and tap into the social sustainability of globalisation. Jesper brings his vast expertise in the SaaS business model, digital transformation, business development and enterprise sales, product development, organisational management and internationalisation.

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Marina Malmberg

Chairman of Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

Marina is the social sustainability of globalisation influencer, the originator of Sustainable Expatriation™ framework. Marina is on a mission to stop and remediate women's legalised dependency, caused by unsustainable national policies of countries, prohibiting the following expat spouses from work, which cause lifetime dependency of women. Marina is B-economy changemaker, a graduate student of Copenhagen Business School who took her PreSeed start-up to European Commission Investment Portal, shortlisted among the best 35 startups by European Business Angel Summit in 2020.

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Damjan Grozdanovski

Lawyer, European Business Law, Executive Board Advisor

A lawyer by profession, having a master’s degree with honours in European business law from the Faculty of law in Lund, Sweden. He graduated from the state faculty of law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ in Skopje, and continued his education abroad, in Sweden. Notable experiences are being a student ambassador of Lund University, being awarded second place by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the European law moot court competition. After graduating, he started practicing law in Skopje immediately after finishing his education in 2017.

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Roberta Magherini

Youth & Millennials Executive Advisor &SEF Board Member

Soon-to-be ‘following spouse’ herself and a Junior Consultant in the field of EU funds and sustainable development and social change with +8 years of expat experience, Roberta committed to Sustainable Expatriation’s mission promote the social sustainability of globalisation and women’s right to work globally. She will be supporting the development of our expat spouse program by providing strategic advice and operational support in the areas of international fundraising, expatriation, sustainability, youth and stakeholders engagement.

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