Roberta Magherini

Roberta Magherini
Millennial Expatriate & EU Funding Adviser, Italy

Soon-to-be ‘following spouse’ herself and a Junior Consultant in the field of EU funds and sustainable development and social change with +8 years of expat experience, Roberta committed to Sustainable Expatriation’s mission promote the social sustainability of globalisation and women’s right to work globally. She will be supporting the development of our expat spouse program by providing strategic advice and operational support in the areas of international fundraising, expatriation, sustainability, youth and stakeholders engagement.

With a Master’s degree in Anthropology applied to Sustainable Development, and previous work experiences within NGOs and the UN System, Roberta is passionate about social and intercultural issues related to sustainability.

Roberta tries to decline sustainability both in her job and daily life. Professionally, she uses her managerial, organizational, and strategic skills to develop international projects aiming to build a fairer, more sustainable, and inclusive society. Personally, she is engaged in creating a sustainable lifestyle that is as much as possible aligned with her values: work-life balance, family, continued learning, and social activism are some of her pillars.

Italian of origins, she has lived, since the age of 18, in four different countries and worked with a variety of organizations in the field of sustainable development and international cooperation before launching her own activity as a freelancer. Today, contributing to social change through the development and management of international projects is what she loves to do. In her job, embracing such a global-local mindset is an asset and allows her to blend the best international practices with local cultures and grassroots perspectives when designing new projects.

Thanks to her international experiences, Roberta has grown interest, and developed key skills for the analysis and management of linguistic, intercultural, and social challenges related to expatriation and international mobility. As a soon-to-be ‘following spouse’, she is putting effort into developing a meaningful and lasting career on the move from any country. Remote work and today’s technologies are helping her manage this challenging transition, but the path is not without obstacles.

Next to her job, Roberta is active in a variety of non-profit organizations and social causes: she is a Project Officer within the Growth & Fundraising Team of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth Initiative, one of the largest global youth networks aiming to place young people at the forefront of achieving the SDGs; she is a Young Associate of the FIDAPA BPW Italy – Rome Section (Federazione Italiana Donne Arti Professioni e Affari); she is a member and volunteer of two associations dedicated to women’s empowerment: the Young Women Network and Dress for Success Rome.

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