Damjan Grozdanovski

Damjan Grozdanovski
Lawyer & European Business Law Adviser, North Macedonia

A lawyer by profession, having a master’s degree with honours in European business law from the Faculty of law in Lund, Sweden. He graduated from the state faculty of law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ in Skopje, and continued his education abroad, in Sweden. Notable experiences are being a student ambassador of Lund University, being awarded second place by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the European law moot court competition. After graduating, he started practicing law in Skopje immediately after finishing his education in 2017.

Having been an expat himself, Damjan has felt the joy and the challenges of living abroad. After returning to his home country, Damjan engaged in various activities, thereby gathering experience and constantly working on his formal and informal education.

Damjan’s legal practice is mostly focused on representing applicant before the European Court of Human Rights in various cases, as well as representing clients before the national courts in labour, business, trade, competition, IP and other cases. Damjan is also a contributor to the Doing Business project of the World Bank, and a member of consultancy team in human resources projects co-financed by the EBRD.

Apart from practicing law on a daily basis, Damjan also writes articles for national and international journals, including the international Nordic Journal of European Law, Journal Fokus, Journal Business info, etc. Damjan is also active in several alumni associations, as well as the national Centre for entrepreneurship CEED Macedonia. As part of these associations, Damjan is invited to be a trainer for popular legal issues such as law and e-commerce, law and GDPR, law and IP, etc. Damjan also regularly follows seminars and courses. In addition, Damjan is an official court translator from Macedonian to English language and vice versa, and has so far translated one history book and many documents.

Having in in mind the importance of personal growth, Damjan regularly works on his emotional intelligence, self-awareness and discipline. Regarding hobbies, Damjan is a keen marathon runner and mountain climber, again with the primary goal achieving mental and physical well-being.  Among other hobbies are playing guitar, books and films.