Navine Eldesouki

Navine Eldesouki
Global Female Expat Community Owner, the United Arab Emirates

Navine Eldesouki manages a dedicated global community for expat women from Dubai and we unite for the purpose of service to expat women across the globe. Instagram: @coffeewithanexpat

Navine Eldesouki has been a global nomad for two decades establishing homes and lives for herself and her family across 5 continents, 7 countries and 14 houses. Navine’s journey experiencing the different life stages of  building a beautiful family of four children, working within four different industries whilst navigating the intricacies of expat life has culminated in the establishment of  ‘Coffee with an Expat’ and a global Facebook community Coffee with Expat Women Sustainable Expatriation merges with in a partnership since May, 2020.

Finally, settling in the UAE in 2016, Navine decided to follow her passion and established Coffee with an Expat in 2018. Her passion and vision is to share the wealth of over twenty years of experience to service the expat community internationally and more personally for expats in Dubai. As someone that has lived the expat life through several different stages of her own life, Navine has the foresight to determine individual needs from a grass roots perspective that has afforded her the ability to take a holistic approach to providing beneficial solutions for expatriates.

Navine has forged new communities and mastered how to integrate within established ones. She has since established a community of support through @coffeewithanexpat to keep expats connected and gain insights.

Instagram: @coffeewithanexpat

Facebook Group: Coffee with Expat Women

Linkedin: Navine Eldesouki


Here Navine shared her story of expatriation:

It has been 19yrs since we started our expatriate journey. Our first move was to Amiens, France - it was the first time for us to go to Europe and live in a country with a different language and culture. Little did we know that this was just a stepping stone to a future of multiple international moves, constantly packing up our lives and unpacking it again to start over. 

19yrs, 4 children, 7 countries, 14 houses and months in hotels / temporary accommodation…certainly not how I imagined my life to be.

Relocating definitely has its challenges; uprooting an entire family and moving to a new country where most of the time we know no-one, a different language is spoken, being introduced to a new culture and having to reestablish life and set up a home. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that you have no control over. It is also an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience, to see a part of the world through living instead of visiting - it’s a completely different experience! 

There are a lot of positive and negative aspects to relocating the way I have… is exciting and enriching, it is also challenging and emotional. I have met people from different cultures along the way, shared experiences and learnt so much from them also.

Throughout my relocation journey and now as a global community leader I have been hearing over the years about our collective challenges when it came to our rights for employment as an expat spouse so when Marina Malmberg, Founder/CEO of Sustainable Expatriation approached me with her initiative to support expat spouses with this challenge and find solutions I didn’t think twice about joining forces with her. 

Having experienced the need to recreate myself professionally with each move, navigating the possibilities and overcoming the challenges of what I can do (if even possible depending on the country) certainly created periods of stress, frustration and traditional career loss. 

Being a part of the Sustainable Expatriations initiative has given me the opportunity to support other women who find themselves in similar situations, to raise awareness and make our voices heard. It is time that the expat women's plight is recognized, taken seriously and solutions are effectively put in place to provide them with the rights they deserve.