Meiraj Ahmed

Meiraj Ahmed
Branding & Film Project Development, Germany

Passionate for global justice and women empowerment, Meiraj contributed his branding expertise to our initial pitch deck and logo of Sustainable Expatriation used until January 13th, 2021, when Meiraj voluntary engagement with us expires, and we wish Meiraj all the best with his future.

Meiraj has established an extensive portfolio by providing consulting services and strategic proposals to over 753+ Fortune Magazine listed companies and other corporations.

Committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions for upcoming and mature start-ups, multinational corporations, and governmental organisations across the world, Meiraj has established a vast portfolio by providing consulting services and strategic proposals to over 753+ Fortune Magazine listed companies and other corporations.

Successfully developed his identity as a brand specialist with expertise that includes creative direction, public relations, media management, experiential development, technology planning, product development, start-up development, investment support, and marketing, Meiraj is successfully changing the world through helping sustainable innovation with development unique Millennial Branding, Ideas, Pitch Proposals, Campaigns, Experiential Concepts, Start-up development, Investment Consulting, Sustainability, Technology Integration, and Marketing Strategies.

In 2020 Meiraj have supported 50+ start-ups with brand development strategies that enabled their success and have closely worked with multinational corporates to enhance their brand identity or product potential, all while pursuing a Global MBA with a specialisation in Luxury at BSBI in Berlin.

Over the decade, Meiraj has held positions leading growth through brand development for global technology brands, FMCG, and direct to consumer brands, closely working with sustainable businesses, green tech brands, NGOs, educational establishments, technology brands, telecom industry, governmental bodies, fashion brands, liquor trade, consumer electronics, engineering, and hospitality industries.

Meiraj managed creative and strategic expectations for name brands such as IBM, Intuit, Sapient, Heineken, GE, Accenture, Cisco, Jaguar Land Rover, Intel, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Amstel, Qualcomm, Bosch, Budweiser, Xtep, SAP, etc.

Currently focused on developing next-generation products of innovation and technology targeted at the mass market in global emerging markets.

Provided services to clients across Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Dubai, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UAE, United Kingdom, USA, and India.

In April 2021 Meiraj also plans to complete his research paper "Is space travel the next frontier in the luxury travel industry" for my Global MBA (Luxury) Program at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) in Berlin, Germany.

Meiraj is volunteering his time to develop our branding and marketing strategy.