our Contributors

Iva Taiber

Corporate Communication Adviser, Croatia

Iva helps us with corporate communication strategy. We are blessed to have Iva's guidance on forming our solution for the corporate world. This is what Iva says about her work: "I help teams and individuals grow and succeed on the Next Level

Alexandra Kodjabachi

Youth Expatriation & Global Talent Adviser, Lebanon

Alexandra is the Founder and CEO of PersEd, a learning experience design enterprise, nurturing 21st century skills and mindset transformation for talent development. She’s also is an international public speaker, consultant, and author - recipient of the Alain Decaux Literary Prize for the Francophone world. Alexandra has been recognized as a MENA Leadership Academy fellow (2016-2017), G20 Young Global Changer (2017), Unleash Global Talent (2018) and UNESCO APCEIU Youth Leader (2019). As the Connection Creator, she’s always exploring the breadth and depth of multidisciplinarity, and putting connections at the service of creativity, performance, self-actualization, and foresight to reinvent the ways in which we think, learn, work, and live.

Catrin Merlett

MSc, LCCH Licensed Homeopath & Multilingual Editor, the United Kingdom

Catrin is our dedicated content editor and a professional homeopath based in the UK who serves the world online with the natural wellness of homeopathy in English, French and Spanish. As an expat spouse, Cartin lived in five countries and holds MSc in Environmental Technology, BSc Chemistry and French.