Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake
A God Father of our startup, mentor, entrepreneur and a millionaire with a Big Heart

I follow Trevor's work since 2015, and his unique work helped me to restart my career. Trevor contributes his programs for our special solution for expat spouses in need of re-creating their careers and re-shaping their professional brilliance. This is what Trevor says about himself: "We are no different, you and I… Even though, on the surface of things, it may not appear that way. I’ve created financial success and independence... After selling my first (I’ve had 3) company for over $100,000,000.

I’m fortunate to have been married over 35 years to someone...Who still makes my heart skip a beat when she walks in the room.

I’ve achieved my dream of creating an animal rescue sanctuary...

And of writing bestselling books and screenplays.

But, at the end of the day...

I suffer from all the fears and hangups as you or anyone.

What has allowed me to overcome them?

Specific tools and techniques—what I like to call ‘practical magic.’

Find out more about Trevor and Trevor's "practical magic' on his website Trevor Blake