Our Angels

Trevor Blake

A God Father of our startup, mentor, entrepreneur and a millionaire with a Big Heart

I follow Trevor's work since 2015, and his unique work helped me to restart my career. Trevor contributes his programs for our special solution for expat spouses in need of re-creating their careers and re-shaping their professional brilliance. This is what Trevor says about himself: "We are no different, you and I… Even though, on the surface of things, it may not appear that way. I’ve created financial success and independence... After selling my first (I’ve had 3) company for over $100,000,000.

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Marina & Tommy Malmberg

Startup Investors

Six years without a work permit in Italy and Pakistan as a corporate following partner and broke Marina's successful career and made her re-starting all from scratch when repatriating to Sweden. After going through 14 years of career recreation and 50 000 USD investment without salary and pension in the age of 47... and I am on a mission to make corporate expatriation sustainable, so no single mother will go though the same pain, career loss and madness of re-invention. Instead, we are creating shared value for expat spouses, their families, corporations and societies who want to be entirely sustainable.

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Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen

A God Mother of our startup, Serial Entrepreneur, Intuitive Business Strategist

Also, Leadership Consultant, Lecturer Nyenrode Business University, Speaker. Lianne started off as a CPA in the financial world working in auditing, banking, venture capital en interim management. Has run various companies after that in speaking, sales and business-coaching. Familiar with both the defense and the offensive of doing business. In 1999 Lianne followed her husband 2 times abroad as expat-spouse and started her own business in those countries.

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