Gerardo Greco
Treasurer, Tech Senior Lawyer, Expert in Intersectional Feminism. Lives in Napoli, italy

Social innovator & Tech Lawyer: digital innovation for social impact including ethical AI, blockchain, IoT & Collective Intelligence. Supporting Sustainable Expatriation since December 2020. IP Counsel (proprietary & open) for Exponential & SDG-enabling Technologies. Gendered digital innovation + intersectional feminism + collective intelligence for systemic change to impact gender and societal issues. Currently on my desk: OpenVaccine, Edge AI, Data Sovereignty, Smart Contracts, DAOs, DeFi. Husband and father of two.

 Gerardo is a senior international business lawyer for sustainable digital innovation and a social entrepreneur.
With almost 25 years of legal services for high-tech sector, he has been assisting as StudioGreco private and public clients operating in the area of Sustainable Innovation.
He is also personally involved in creating new international business ventures in Social-Tech sector.
International services offered by StudioGreco include:
• Exponential & ESG Innovation TechLaw: IP counseling for AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR and innovation for UN SDGs, incl. patent drafting, filing (EU/US), trading, licensing, litigation; IP evaluation; open source; investors’ network; focus on Smart Contracts, Edge AI, Data Sovereignty;
• Legal and strategic assistance on international extraordinary operations;
• Gender issues, gendered digital innovation, affirmative actions;
• M&A, with large experience on evaluation of innovation and intangibles;
• Advisory and business development on iPhone/Android ecosystems, AI, IoT, blockchain, mHealth, TransTech, Privacy-as-strategic-advantage & GDPR (Apple Developer Academy);
• Legal assistance on public finance and files with European Investment Bank, EU Commission Structural and Investment Funds, Horizon 2020;
• Advisory on and arrangement of investments with private finance, in cooperation with EU and US specialized Renewables, Cleantech and SocialTech investment funds;
• Legal assistance to private companies involved in national infringement cases with the European Commission;
• Patents & Trademarks, advisory on Software Patentability & EU Patent Reform, Digital Contents and DRM (Italian Ministry of Innovation);
• E-Government, European best practices (Italian Ministry of Innovation);
• Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni: first paper on ICANN (1998);
• China, India region, South-Eastern Europe, and Brazil markets.