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agenda 2030

agenda 2030
Partner With Us for SDGs and Inclusion of Globally Displaced Women - Intercultural Talent Left Behind in 2021

Partnerships with Sustainable Expatriation for the global social impact allows businesses, institutions, societies and universities re-write the history of failing globalisation that leaves highly educated professionals behind, wasting their talents, intercultural experience, education and creating more poverty in the world.

We deliver innovative, outside of the box yet tangible solutions allowing companies to move forward with ease and become global leaders in Sustainable Expatriation. 

Including expatriation mobility into the company's sustainable Agenda, 2030 allows solving corporate G5 - diversity, equality and inclusion challenge (DEI) through addressing the situation of serial expat partners who lost career and independence as a result of expatriation, which was historically focused on "Him" and left "Her" and children's future behind.

  • Our Agenda 2030 consists of ten SDGs, where G17 - inclusive partnerships for the goals is central to our work.

  •  We help organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to MNEs, attract and retain intercultural talent sustainably.

  •  We help organisations, municipalities and governments overcome the silos of diversity, equality and inclusion. 

  • We provide innovative how-to and the only inclusive solution for remediation of the past in inclusive partnership with us. 

  • Why? Only together we can build a truly inclusive economy for our children who will otherwise pay for the inequalities we leave behind.

Are you interested to learn more about how to start building an Inclusive Stakeholder Economy for women and children left behind?

Connect with Marina on LinkedIn LinkedIn and book an intro meeting open only for organisational and municipal decision-makers.

Expat spouse support

Expat spouse support

We offer the only inclusive expat spouses support on the planet, ensuring expat spouses have access to the continuous support through each stage of expatriation.

Our unique approach proved to help spouses in multiple ways. The most appreciated are:

  • Help to handle any emotional challenge and stress at all stages of expat journey for all family members
  • Understand the intercultural challenge and the entire process of expatriation
  • Build a meaningful and lasting career on the move from any country (you don't have to become a coach)
  • Secure joyful expatriation
  • Increase your employability

Our experts prepare you to the first assignment with repatriation in mind.
We know - it is the only successful and sustainable way for your family, primary you, the following spouse, the company and the future of globalisation.

Why shall you as expat spouse care about globalisation?

  • As an expat and a global citizen, you are a part of globalisation and the way it is managed affects your life, career and future.
  • As an expat you can't predict your future and the next move
  • The home you may think will be the place to restart your life will never be the same.
  • There is no existing support for repatriates in the world and we build it from scratch 
  • There are almost no expat benefits which can cover the life of the family for the lifetime without a need to work again, yet we are labelled as a luxury class, denied all support when repatriating back to life
  • Together our collective voice is stronger
  • The future must be equal for all, including our children and us
  • The world needs our intercultural competence

We know the journey have done it ourselves, served expat for years and found the best way of expat spouse support. 
Our mission is to remediate the past and build a sustainable way forward for all women through all stages of expatriation in one place.

Are you interested in joining us as an ambassador of Sustainable Expatriation?

Reach out to us through social media or our contact form and let's build expatriation where no women, no mother is left behind. We need you and your experience.


Marina Malmberg

Expert for Corporates, Organisations, Startups & Municipalities in Sustainable Expatriation. Serial corporate expat spouse/repatriate. Lives in Southern Sweden. CBS graduate student, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marina is the social sustainability of globalisation influencer on a mission to help corporates, municipalities, startups and international organisation with Sustainable Expatriation way forward. Marina is B-economy changemaker, a graduate student of Copenhagen Business School who took her start-up to European Commission Investment Portal, shortlisted among the best 35 startups by European Business Angel Summit in 2020.

Isabel Clarke

Student & Youth Expatriation Adviser, LLM in International Criminal Law, Organized Crime, Transnational Corporate Crime, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Isabel is a serial expat having lived and studied internationally her whole life. She was born in Hong Kong with her family residing in New York, Singapore, England, the Netherlands and New Jersey. She completed her BA from the University of Nottingham, followed by an LLM in International Criminal Law from the University of Amsterdam and currently, she is completing an LLM in Law and Legal Practice from BPP University. Isabel is skilled in international law with expertise in human rights, the environment, corporate due diligence and international and transitional crimes.

Damjan Grozdanovski

Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission, Attorney at Law & European Business Law Adviser, Brussels, Belgium

An expat, a lawyer by profession, having a Master’s degree with honours in European Business Law from the Faculty of Law in Lund, Sweden. Damjan graduated from the state Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ in Skopje, and continued his education abroad, in Sweden. Notable experiences are being a student ambassador of Lund University, being awarded second place by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the European law moot court competition. After graduating, he started practicing law in Skopje immediately after finishing his education in 2017.

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