Stichting Sustainable Expatriation Foundation ("S.E.F.") is a new foundation established in The Hague, Netherlands, in April 2021. Our tech-enabled global social impact innovation project is registered in the European Commission investment portal EIPP-20201762 and is open for grants, sponsorship and funding.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the human rights and health, exposed to the constant and life shortening stress of globally displaced dependent expat spouses and life partners of international assignees with the help of technology.

In 2021 many spouses, previously denied work permits, faced as a result of career gaps unemployability when repatriating, social and economic inequalities, system and systematic discrimination of their human rights and absence of tangible support. S.E.F enables mitigation and remediation of overlooked yet globally faced inequalities of expat spouses/life partners.

In 2021-2022 S.E.F. dedicates its primary focus to solving vast inequalities of mothers with children under 18 and widows with serial expat backgrounds who, despite intercultural and professional competencies, cannot find employment in the COVID era after career gaps yet hold unique intercultural competence.
This competence we aim to integrate into economic recovery with the help of technology and cooperation with business and governments.

S.E.F. provides global social impact and raising awareness of the vulnerable position of the expat population, with a special focus on historically discriminated female expat spouses.

We are aiming for consultative status within the UN, the OECD and the ILO to support the situation of expat spouses globally, primarily women, who end up unemployable due to the current unsustainable approach to expatriation from the national policies, prohibiting the dependent spouses from work, which violates universal human rights of women in many countries in 2021.

Dutch NGO Permits Foundation has created a world map, which illustrates how governments relate to spouses' situation.

There is no data available on the repatriation challenge as nobody is responsible in 2021 for the re-integration of intercultural talent left behind.

Our Foundation helps businesses and governments tap into overlooked value for the local economies and communities to revise existing policies and embrace human rights and develop sustainable policies and practices of inclusive diversity.

We are looking for a multinational business to support and co-create practical implementation of Sustainable Expatriation for business to advance CSR, justice, equality, diversity and poverty eradication of women.

Based on upcoming mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence, our innovation in social sustainability help create a much more equitable situation, ensuring the rights of expat spouses of all genders as an integral part of companies' work policies employing expatriate staff. Since the dawn of corporate expatriation, enterprises have accepted the denial of work permits to the spouses of their staff as a norm.

There is a complete absence of policies to enable highly educated yet unable to work women to reintegrate back into the workforce after years of sacrificing their careers to the global expansion of corporations. Such inequalities lead to personal disasters, life-shortening prolonged stress for women, broken families, inequalities for both women and children, operational and retention problems for business and organisations, and societies are missing tax payers.

As women, we had had no other choice if we wished to keep our families together than to accept conditions which have forced us into years of dependency, ending up marginalised, isolated from social and professional inclusiveness worldwide, and facing the hardest of challenges on repatriation.

Such unaddressed inequalities devastate the economic position of expat spouses of all genders who have contributed to the globalisation of the companies their spouses work for. In 2021 there is no solution, which leaves present and former expatriates without a pension plan, career development, re-integration support creating long-term continuous stress, which shortens lives.

Our Foundation aims to solve this global social fabric damage through partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals with businesses committed to social sustainability, women empowerment, inclusive diversity and shared value creation.

Life & Career Remediation Plan

for mothers at all stages of expatriation

Social Sustainability for Inclusive Globalisation

agenda 2030

agenda 2030
Partner With Us for SDGs and Inclusive Stakeholder Economy for All 

We deliver innovative approach allowing companies tangible solutions through a new perspective. Including expatriation mobility into the company's sustainable Agenda, 2030 allows solving corporate G5 - diversity and inclusion challenge through addressing the situation of expat partners who lost career and independence as a result of expatriation.

Initiating remediation of affected stakeholders creates shared value (CSV) for people, businesses and societies. This, in turn, improves MNEs sustainability and reputation, preventing future infringement of human rights through the process of expatriation. So far, expatriation, struggling with retention and productivity, lacks focus on the root of the problem - effects of business operation on the expat partners and their lives.

According to Brookfield Relocation Services (2015), 80% of international assignees are accompanied by spouses, where 48% of women lost employment due to expatriation, and 52% of expats have children. Our own findings show that mothers of those children continue to struggle to find employment and career remediation years after expatriation, despite education and experience. At the same time, the divorce rate of expatriates is close to 80%. COVID-19 has left mothers with children, affected by unsustainable expatriation and unfortunate integration with no hope for employment. This is why we foster social impact entrepreneurship and innovation for SDGs.

  • Our Agenda 2030 consists of ten SDGs, where G17 - inclusive partnerships for the goals is central to SEF. We help organisations and governments overcome the silos of diversity, equality and inclusion. While globally displaced expat spouses, TCK &TCA (Third Culture Generation Kids and Adults) remain alienated from social and professional re-integration, no business nor government can achieve G1, G3, G4, G5, G8, G9, G10, G11, G16, G17 nor be compliant to Human Rights Due Diligence.

  • We provide innovative and the only inclusive solution for remediation of the past in partnership for the inclusive economy for our children who will otherwise pay for the inequalities we leave behind.

Partnerships with Sustainable Expatriation for the global social impact allows businesses, institutions, societies and universities re-write the history of failing globalization that leaves highly educated professionals behind wasting their talents, intercultural experience, education and creating more poverty in the world.


Human Rights of Women

in the global transition before, through and after expatriation

SEF way

SEF way
We develop and provide an innovative Sustainable Expatriation framework as a new benchmark for international organisations with the globally rotated employees, multinational corporations to launch inclusive Sustainable Expatriation process and incorporate it into SDGs Agenda 2030 in full compliance with upcoming Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD), which will soon become mandatory in the EU.

In our pipeline, we launch online Sustainable Expatriation certification for business consultants, enabling the unemployed and unutilised international population of highly educated expats with intercultural competence to establish their businesses and become integrated into the workforce globally. Our first program will be in English.

Our deliverables to organisations aim to embrace social sustainability:

  • Plan and align with management actionable steps on how your organisation can embrace social sustainability in globalisation
  • Development of the certification of Sustainable Expatriation process in your corporate  non-profit or organisation with employees who are globally rotated
  • Development of SDGs aligned with your organisation -  Agenda 2030
  • Shared value creation for affected people, organisations and societies enabling those who might otherwise live in dependency to become working taxpayers, actively participating in society
  • Inclusive expatriate support through the entire process of expatriation, including repatriation
  • Suggestions on how to implement actions to ensure Human Rights Due Diligence in your global supply chain
  • Help with identifying those expat spouses who are affected and with preparing  a plan of mitigation together with solutions to the problems experienced

Surely the lack of policies to support expat spouses and the major negative consequences that this group suffer for the rest of their lives are a major part of the reason why expatriate mobility is facing a decrease in retention, costing companies a fortune every time they have to replace just one key-expatriate?

Join us in building inclusive and Sustainable Expatriation for all 

Grounded in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a human rights framework, and 20 years of personal experience as an expatriate, Marina has developed a unique shared value approach for managing expatriates, former and present, a part of the inclusive economy which leaves no one behind, creating win-win outcomes for globalisation, for organisations, and for both people and economies affected by expatriation.


Marina Malmberg

Chairman of Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

Marina is the social sustainability of globalisation influencer, the originator of Sustainable Expatriation™ framework. Marina is on a mission to stop and remediate women's legalised dependency, caused by unsustainable national policies of countries, prohibiting the following expat spouses from work, which cause lifetime dependency of women. Marina is B-economy changemaker, a graduate student of Copenhagen Business School who took her PreSeed start-up to European Commission Investment Portal, shortlisted among the best 35 startups by European Business Angel Summit in 2020.

Isabel Clarke

Student & Youth Expatriation Adviser, LLM in International Criminal Law, Organized Crime, Transnational Corporate Crime, The Netherlands

Isabel is a serial expat having lived and studied internationally her whole life. She was born in Hong Kong with her family residing in New York, Singapore, England, the Netherlands and New Jersey. She completed her BA from the University of Nottingham, followed by an LLM in International Criminal Law from the University of Amsterdam and currently, she is completing an LLM in Law and Legal Practice from BPP University. Isabel is skilled in international law with expertise in human rights, the environment, corporate due diligence and international and transitional crimes.

Roberta Magherini

Millennial Expatriate & EU Funding Adviser, Italy

Soon-to-be ‘following spouse’ herself and a Junior Consultant in the field of EU funds and sustainable development and social change with +8 years of expat experience, Roberta committed to Sustainable Expatriation’s mission promote the social sustainability of globalisation and women’s right to work globally. She will be supporting the development of our expat spouse program by providing strategic advice and operational support in the areas of international fundraising, expatriation, sustainability, youth and stakeholders engagement.

Damjan Grozdanovski

Lawyer & European Business Law Adviser, North Macedonia

A lawyer by profession, having a master’s degree with honours in European business law from the Faculty of law in Lund, Sweden. He graduated from the state faculty of law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ in Skopje, and continued his education abroad, in Sweden. Notable experiences are being a student ambassador of Lund University, being awarded second place by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the European law moot court competition. After graduating, he started practicing law in Skopje immediately after finishing his education in 2017.


Iva Taiber

Corporate Communication Adviser, Croatia

Iva helps us with corporate communication strategy. We are blessed to have Iva's guidance on forming our solution for the corporate world. This is what Iva says about her work: "I help teams and individuals grow and succeed on the Next Level

Alexandra Kodjabachi

Youth Expatriation & Global Talent Adviser, Lebanon

Alexandra is the Founder and CEO of PersEd, a learning experience design enterprise, nurturing 21st century skills and mindset transformation for talent development. She’s also is an international public speaker, consultant, and author - recipient of the Alain Decaux Literary Prize for the Francophone world. Alexandra has been recognized as a MENA Leadership Academy fellow (2016-2017), G20 Young Global Changer (2017), Unleash Global Talent (2018) and UNESCO APCEIU Youth Leader (2019). As the Connection Creator, she’s always exploring the breadth and depth of multidisciplinarity, and putting connections at the service of creativity, performance, self-actualization, and foresight to reinvent the ways in which we think, learn, work, and live.

Catrin Merlett

MSc, LCCH Licensed Homeopath & Multilingual Editor, the United Kingdom

Catrin is our dedicated content editor and a professional homeopath based in the UK who serves the world online with the natural wellness of homeopathy in English, French and Spanish. As an expat spouse, Cartin lived in five countries and holds MSc in Environmental Technology, BSc Chemistry and French.

Nicolás Carrillo - Santarelli

External Adviser, International Law & Relations, Human Rights, Luxembourg

Nicolás is a strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in International Law and Legal Studies. Nicolás holds a PhD in International Law and International Relations, represents expat spouses of academia. As an experienced Associate Professor in International Law with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, Nicolás voluntary contributes his expertise in Human Rights, International Law, international relations, research, legal writing in Spanish, English to the development of S.E.F.

Our Angels

Marina & Tommy Malmberg

Sustainable Expatriation Startup PreSeed Investors

Six years without a work permit in Italy and 100M EUR investment without salary and pension in the age of 47... and I am on a mission to make corporate expatriation sustainable, so no single mother will go though the same pain, career loss and madness of re-invention. Instead, we are creating shared value for expat spouses, their families, corporations and societies who want to be entirely sustainable.

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen

A God Mother of our startup, Serial Entrepreneur, Intuitive Business Strategist

Also, Leadership Consultant, Lecturer Nyenrode Business University, Speaker. Lianne started off as a CPA in the financial world working in auditing, banking, venture capital en interim management. Has run various companies after that in speaking, sales and business-coaching. Familiar with both the defense and the offensive of doing business. In 1999 Lianne followed her husband 2 times abroad as expat-spouse and started her own business in those countries.

Trevor Blake

A God Father of our startup, mentor, entrepreneur and a millionaire with a Big Heart

I follow Trevor's work since 2015, and his unique work helped me to restart my career. Trevor contributes his programs for our special solution for expat spouses in need of re-creating their careers and re-shaping their professional brilliance. This is what Trevor says about himself: "We are no different, you and I… Even though, on the surface of things, it may not appear that way. I’ve created financial success and independence... After selling my first (I’ve had 3) company for over $100,000,000.

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