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agenda 2030
Partner With Us for SDGs and Inclusion of Globally Displaced Women - Intercultural Talent Left Behind in 2021

Partnerships with Sustainable Expatriation for the global social impact allows businesses, institutions, societies and universities re-write the history of failing globalisation that leaves highly educated professionals behind, wasting their talents, intercultural experience, education and creating more poverty in the world.

We deliver innovative, outside of the box yet tangible solutions allowing companies to move forward with ease and become global leaders in Sustainable Expatriation. 

Including expatriation mobility into the company's sustainable Agenda, 2030 allows solving corporate G5 - diversity, equality and inclusion challenge (DEI) through addressing the situation of serial expat partners who lost career and independence as a result of expatriation, which was historically focused on "Him" and left "Her" and children's future behind.

  • Our Agenda 2030 consists of ten SDGs, where G17 - inclusive partnerships for the goals is central to our work.

  •  We help organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to MNEs, attract and retain intercultural talent sustainably.

  •  We help organisations, municipalities and governments overcome the silos of diversity, equality and inclusion. 

  • We provide innovative how-to and the only inclusive solution for remediation of the past in inclusive partnership with us. 

  • Why? Only together we can build a truly inclusive economy for our children who will otherwise pay for the inequalities we leave behind.

Are you interested to learn more about how to start building an Inclusive Stakeholder Economy for women and children left behind? 

Connect with Marina on LinkedIn and book an intro meeting open only for organisational and municipal decision-makers.
startup journey
Backed up by Marina´s individual stress management experience, research and work practice with expat families since 2007, Marina identified specific unmanageable with traditional methods and resistant to cognitive therapy stress of unemployable expat spouses.

Marina started specific expat spouse support service, Success Boomerang, worked as a Swedish vendor & expat spouse support service provider for SIRVA International, USA, Nordic Relocation Group and Human Entrance relocation in Lund, Sweden, provided service for expat families from Region Skåne, European Spallation Source (ESS), Max IV. Marina liaised with C-suit corporate executives from Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, IKEA trying to raise the awareness about the need to support expat spouses. Marina was approved to provide service to expat spouses of Apple employees in Malmo, Sweden yet faced challenges to find any work despite granted work permit for the spouse moving to Malmo, Sweden.

In 2016 Marina attempted to raise funds in Lund, Sweden, to establish an online Career Development Center for Expat Spouses who faced career loss at Sten K Jonsson Foundation, which was declined. In 2018 Marina helped NyforetagarCentrum Lund to raise funds for the first free business startup program for international academics, funded by Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn (100000 SEK) and co-developed and co-led the training.

Marina finds academic proof of her professional and self-study findings at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Co-leads the lecture about expatriation with Morten Skov-Carlsen, External Lecturer at CBS Dept. of Strategy and Innovation challenge for graduate CBS students at “Managing People in Multinational Corporations”.

Full-time six months CBS graduate electives in “Business Responsibilities for Human Rights”, CSR, Diversity & Inclusion Beyond the Borders (South -West), “Managing People in Multinational Corporations” and “GO to Market Strategy for Innovative Startups & Products in the Digital Era” - foundation for further academic research on Sustainable Expatriation.

Marina founded Sustainable Expatriation startup, taking a leap of faith in advocacy for human rights of expat spouses globally.

Marina reached out to Ideon Innovation, Lund for startup funding, where she was told that Sweden has no funds for Marina’s social innovation and that to raise funds Marina will need a male partner as a co-founder (to represent diversity). Malmo Stad demonstrated interest to fund Marina's social innovation, which was eventually denied due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Marina engaged in several awareness rising opportunities such as:

  • Expat Karma 90 min future film initial script & visual board: Expat Karma

  • Outcast documentary 30 min with interviews exposing unseen life-long struggles of expat spouses denied work permits globally planned with a few global expat communities.

  • Sustainable Expatriation startup was selected for the European Business Angel Summit, Marina’s project “Inclusive Economy for Marginalized Mothers” was published at the European Commission investment portal EIPP-20201762 and is still looking for the first soft funding.


In the absence of funding for social innovation in Sweden, Marina connects with Jesper Valentin Holm, Dutch investor and startup CEO. In partnership with Jesper, remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marina registered the Sustainable Expatriation Foundation in Copenhagen in January 2021. Yet in March 2021, DanskeBank suggested Marina must physically move to Denmark to be authorised to lead the Danish Association. DanskeBank says bank account will take at least three months, informing Marina that position of Danish Chairman is impossible for her as a citizen of Sweden living in Southern Sweden, 30 min drive from Copenhagen.

Facing impossible conditions to lead an NGO in Denmark, Marina decides to liquidate the Danish Association and move her NGO startup to Hague, Netherlands.

Supported by the guidance from the Dutch Embassy in Sweden, Marina, within just a few weeks, remotely registered a Stitching Sustainable Expatriation Foundation in the Hague. Ambitions Sustainable Expatriation NGO startup qualifies for the bank account at ABN AMRO. Yet, continuous startup stress hits Marina after changing three countries in four months, remotely juggling work with the pandemic and relentlessly working without much-needed rest and funding. Marina takes the needed rest to restore her health and put the project on hold until autumn 2021.

2022 - present

Stitching Sustainable Expatriation is in the final stage of its incorporation in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

On January 24th, 2022 we have appointed four permanent Directors of the Board. Three of them are UBO of Stichting Sustainable Expatriation:

  • Marina Malmberg -  Chairman, UBO (Åkarp, Southern Sweden)
  • Isabel Clarke - the Secretary, UBO (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Gerardo Greco - the Treasurer, UBO (Napoli, Italy)
  • Damjan Grozdanovski - Millennial Expatriation Director (Brussels, Belgium)

Marina, as a Chairman, remotely leads Stichting Sustainable Expatriation (SSE) with plans to set up an NGO branch in the Nordics and Pakistan to support corporations and recruitment struggling with inclusive diversity. We are also launching recruitment of remote interns and volunteers with serial expat background to support our development without management overwork.
Marina plans a travel to Pakistan to establish the first Chapter of SSE responsible for Asia & Africa in Pakistan.

We have begun fundraising preparation for two projects.
Firstly, a 30 minute documentary about expat spouse life globally and secondly, a book project “1001 Expat Spouse Tales for Corporate Investors and CEOs” with true serial expat spouse stories. Both projects will break prejudice about the expat spouse life, economy and unspoken situation of vulnerability.

SSE provides B2B, municipal and governmental membership for both businesses and states interested to remediate the past and help us to create a tangible remediation mechanism and safety net for expat women and their children globally.

Inclusive Expat Spouse & Partner Support

Absence of expat partner support through the entire circle of expatriation is not only unethical. It causes life-long inequality and human rights abuse from business and governments, leaving people in the global transition without support to integrate and contribute to the world. We turn this known pain into value creation solution with the tangible benefits for the affected stakeholders, organisation, societies lacking taxpayers and through our joint efforts remediate people's lives, economy and globalisation that calls for justice.

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Expat Retention & Employee Branding

Our solution boosts retention and performance of expatriates with families. Sustainable expatriation aid stress of relocation, increasing the productiveness of assignees with families. We help organisations to find solutions for the following partners through the entire circle of expatriation. As a result, your expatriate contracts are more attractive and durable.

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Sustainability, mHRDD & Compliance

In 2021 Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) became mandatory in the EU. Our framework allows partnering organisations to mitigate their negative influence and provide the remedy. Sustainable expatriation act as a bridge between affected stakeholders in need of remedy globally, MNEs, organisations and societies, all struggling to make migration sustainable and achieve Agenda 2030 and mHRDD related to human rights of expat spouses left behind in 2022. Only together, we can remediate the past and create inclusive shareholder economy for all. Supporting our startup, MNEs will have additional merits for compliance sustainability reporting, solving mitigation of existing human rights issues through our inclusive platform.

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Gender Intersectionality & Circular Recruitment

Coming soon!

Marina Malmberg

Chairman & Secretary of the Board of SSE Directors, SSE Representative in Nordics, the Netherlands & Pakistan. Lives in Åkarp, Sweden

Marina is the only expert for corporates, governments & municipalities in Sustainable Expatriation and is Sustainable Expatriation & Circular Recruitment idea and concept owner. Marina is a social sustainability of globalisation influencer on a mission to help corporates, municipalities, startups and international organisations to enable Sustainable Expatriation Way. Marina is B-economy changemaker, a graduate student of Copenhagen Business School who took her start-up to European Commission Investment Portal, shortlisted among the best 35 startups by European Business Angel Summit in 2020.

Gerardo Greco

Treasurer, Tech Senior Lawyer, Expert in Intersectional Feminism. Lives in Napoli, italy

Social innovator & Tech Lawyer: digital innovation for social impact including ethical AI, blockchain, IoT & Collective Intelligence. Supporting Sustainable Expatriation since December 2020. IP Counsel (proprietary & open) for Exponential & SDG-enabling Technologies. Gendered digital innovation + intersectional feminism + collective intelligence for systemic change to impact gender and societal issues. Currently on my desk: OpenVaccine, Edge AI, Data Sovereignty, Smart Contracts, DAOs, DeFi. Husband and father of two.

Haroon Lodhi

Treasurer SSE Funding for Sustainable Agri Development & Female Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Lives in Lahore, Pakistan

Haroon Lodhi is the CEO of Solve Agri Pak (Private) Ltd, a C-level expert in corporate commercial and finance fields (MD of DeLaval Pakistan and Commercial & Finance Director of Tetra Pak Pakistan). In April 2022, Haroon joined SSE Board of UBO Directors as a Treasurer, responsible for the financial transactions of SSE fundraising dedicated to the sustainable development work of SSE in Pakistan. Our latest update of the “Inclusive Economy for Marginalised Mothers” - EIPP registered and recognised by the European Commission project important for investment will bridge the gap between the needs of professionally underutilised and economically marginalised expat spouses and primarily female partners globally, supporting motherhood. We are in preparing facilitation and continuous knowledge transfer, training and sustainable development through the global expat community, bridging the gap for the unmet needs of Pakistan in sustainable agriculture and agritourism development, improvement of animal care and women empowerment through entrepreneurship, mentorship, dedicated to the end of poverty and continuous economic empowerment of underprivileged female mini farmers, results-oriented live and digital training programs. This work we develop in focused collaboration with Solve Agri Foundation in Pakistan, engaging other aligned and dedicated to SDGs and ESGs work stakeholders and overseas Pakistani diaspora, international and Islamic funds for sustainable development and female entrepreneurship & innovation.

Safiina Pervin

SSE Board of Directors Secretary Assistant & Content Development Intern

Isabel Clarke

Gen Z, Youth & Third Culture Generation Kid (TCK) Expat Adviser. Lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Alexandra Kodjabachi

Youth Expatriation & Global Talent Adviser. Lives in London, United Kingdom

Damjan Grozdanovski

Millennial Expatriation & International Law Adviser. Lives in Brussels, Belgium

join our expat team

Then come and join us on our mission to make expatriation sustainable for all, not just a few!

We are looking for dedicated interns and volunteers!

We offer you a unique remote unpaid voluntary role, allowing intercultural talents to engage in a real-time NGO startup and be a part of our global expansion. You will help us to make radical social innovation a reality for expat families globally. We will help you to be the change you want to see in the world, train your professional skills, be a part of systemic change, inclusive diversity, support women empowerment globally and evolution of human rights for women and children in serial expat situations.

The minimum dedicated voluntary commitment is 12 months with a minimum of 10 hours a week contribution.

Native English or full working proficiency is a must.


Fundraising Adviser

Previous successful Dutch fundraising experience required. Native Dutch is desirable yet not a must.
Expatriate or intercultural background is compulsory to ensure a full understanding of the expatriate challenge and the cause we defend.

Social Media Manager, Content Creation Manager, Web designer - remote positions

Open for unemployed expat spouses with a passion for media with advanced English skills and a passion for Sustainable Expatriation cause and mission, as well as international students with media/marketing/communication background. Massive experience to lead the innovative social impact conversation and advocacy for inclusive diversity and equality in media guaranteed as well as international business and nonprofit networking with a warm recommendation. We accept all time zones apart from the Pacific, Australia/New Zealand, which we find incompatible with our work-life balance. Communication hours in CET zone only.

For more details and application, please contact Marina Malmberg via LinkedIn

We are looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our all gender, races and all-ages inclusive international team beyond the borders, politics and monocultural limitations.

Marina & the Sustainable Expatriation Team



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